Dental Tendons


These dental tendons come in a 12 pack of mixed sizes (Brazilian Beef). These vary in length from just over 6″ up to 13″ long.  They are bagged, labelled with UPC and French / English. These are the achilles / gastrocnemius tendon tendon.                               

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein: 80% Minimum, Crude Fat: 7% Maximum, CrudeFibre: 1.2% Maximum,  Moisture: 10.13% Maximum.

Item number (the natural dental floss) mix sizes bag of 12-UPC/label/odourfree: N00067 UPC: 852994 000067

Item number large (over 9″) bag of 50 label/UPC: N00250 UPC: 852994 000250

We pride ourselves on the ability to maintain fresh product once we receive it.  We package all treats with the proper labeling on them. We take the proper quality control procedures to enable the treats to be as fresh as the day they were baked.

The treat with a purpose is what we attempt to create when possible.  This treat is fully digestible. It acts like a natural dental floss as the fibres are longitudinally organized.  The perfect configuration for allowing them to gently massage the gums deep at the base of the teeth. These are a great odourfree chew your dog is sure to love.

It is recommended that your dog be supervised when chewing dog treats or chews. Ensure fresh drinking water is available.