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About us

We are a Canadian owned and operated company that is always striving for the best quality dog chews. We are continually working with several well researched facilities. As we deal directly with facilities that produce for us, we have better management of the quality control of our treats. We are constantly improving and developing new products to ensure that the customer, your dog, is receiving a high-quality product. Our company started with one product and we continue to expand our product line based on the voice of store and dog owners. We are a proud member and supporter of Pijac Canada.

Why us?

Our dog chews are predominantly single ingredient beef, kangaroo, buffalo, lamb, or chicken. Our various hypoallergenic stick products do not use any corn, wheat or soya. We do not add nitrates or preservatives.

All Natural
All of our products are free from hormones and antibiotics. Our beef and buffalo products are free range and are grass fed

We are a Canadian Company
We are a Canadian company located in Toronto, Ontario and we ship our products nationwide to many pet specialty stores. We are constantly searching the world for novel proteins that you can feed your dog.