New Stores

If you own a pet store or the pet store you shop at does not sell Nature’s Own Dog Chews we would be honored to supply you or your pet store

100% Pure Chicken Breast

We are glad to present our own 100% chicken breast from USA chicken.  Baked to perfection.  No fillers/glycerin…just chicken.  Fido will enjoy this 6oz size. We do not use Chinese sourced chicken or byproducts in any products. We understand that this is a concern many dog owners have and we have ensured we can provide […]

Pet Chews

We have always maintained that you should monitor your dog when giving chews…especially if your dog is an aggressive chewer. As many report that the antler do not splinter, one must keep in mind that this has given many a false sense of security in that they can leave their dog unattended.

PIJAC Canada

For all those who attended PIJAC Canada in Toronto on September 18 and 19, 2011, we welcome you to sell our very own Nature’s Own Dog Chews.  We are committed to make sure you, your customer and most of all ..the dogs are happy with our treats.  We are always working on innovative treats to […]